Which is the right football helmet depending on your position?

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American football is known to be a physical demanding and high contact sport. It is important to wear the right equipment to ensure better performance and to reduce injuries. When equipment looks expensive, you should know that it is worth it to invest into it when safety and health are given the consideration.

The Elite Gear Reviews give you the guide on how you can buy the equipments and the gear needed to play football. The helmet is an important gear and it will protect the head against the injuries. The helmet includes a face mask and it is made in the metal to protect the face of the player against the injuries.  The helmet should have the right face mask that will fit your position.  The non ball handlers like defensive and offensive linemen may use the facemasks that have many bars because their place need intense use of the hands and they may end up hurting another player if he does not have the right protection.

Ball handing players like running backs and quarterbacks, wide receivers and the tight end, they use the facemask that have few bars so that they can have a better view of the field and the ball.

When you fear that the mask you use may let in the hand of the players to reach your eyes or if the mask may obstruct the view, then you may think about buying the helmet with a visor. It will protect the eyes and it will allow you to see.  You should consider the rules of the league before you buy the tinted visor because there may be some restrictions.

The mouthpiece can protect the mouth against the injuries which may take place when you get a hard hit during the game. It also helps to prevent the concussions since it helps in absorbing the vibration which may go to the skull in other circumstances. Since at least a third of the mouth injuries that goes to the dentist are the results of sports, it is important to invest into the mouthpiece.

The shoulder pads are used to protect the chest and the shoulders against the injuries. Different shoulder pads are found in different styles and they should be used by different players. The example is that a kicker may need to put on less shoulder pads compared to the linebacker since a kicker may not get too much physical contact as other players do while the linebacker gets more contacts from other players.

The rule is that if you expect to get more contact, you should also get more padding. You can check the Elite Gear Reviews to learn the best shoulder pads to buy.  If you are in a team, you may not have to buy a jersey since the team will provide them.  If you should provide the jersey on your own, go for the one that fits well but over the shoulder pads.  The gloves offer a protection against the scratches and cuts while it offers the warmth when it is in cold weather.