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Before joining a company, a lot of people will want to know what others think. This applies to those of you who want to join A2 Hosting but are unsure if the service is right for them. To help them decide, here is an a2 hosting review that will show the good and bad of the organization.


With 15 years of service, A2 has proved that it is not a fly-by-night company. They are here to stay and while there have been a few changes – an early name change for example; it is truly a global organization, as it has a server in Michigan, one in Singapore and a third in Amsterdam.


This is an area where all customers will praise A2 for. They are at the forefront of the shared hosting industry and one of their major updates is that they have brought in SSD – Solid State Drive – and Railgun Optimizer. On top of this there is pre-configured server caching and thus, many users have been happy to describe them as a 5-star provider.

What Is Available?

There are several options open to you. You could choose reseller, dedicated server hosting or shared hosting, and it is vital you know what you get with each one.

  • Shared – there are 3 packages, Swift, Turbo and Lite. Prices vary for each one and start at just a few dollars per month. Regardless of the amount paid, there is unlimited storage and all transfers will be arranged free of charge. Free SSD is available across the board and when Swift or Turbo are purchased, there are limitless databases and websites included. It does not matter which one you choose if you want to be able to use Joomla, WordPress or certain other sites as all can be integrated. When a merchant is involved, a basic shopping cart can also be added.
  • VPS – although shared hosting is popular, there are other options. As part of this A2 hosting review, you will be able to have Managed VPS or Unmanaged VPS. Managed is understandably a lot more expensive – it could be as much as 6 or 7 times dearer each month. Developers are more likely to benefit from unmanaged as you will have complete control, while managed will be best for an easy to use service and a host guard management system.
  • Reseller – there are three types of reseller hosting – Produce, Progress and Prosper. Prices range from under $15 per month to just under $40. For this you can get 60 – 200 GB storage monthly and from 600 to 2,000 GB transfer. Regardless of the one you choose, there will be SSD and unlimited accounts.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – this is the most expensive but also the most comprehensive plan that is on offer. There are two plans to choose from – the Unmanaged Flex Server plan and there is a great deal available for the $100 or so that must be paid each month. The Managed plan is more expensive and hovers at a few dollars under $150 each month.

There are many similarities as well as differences. Both will give 8 GB of Ram as well as 10 TB transfer. When it comes to the Unmanaged plan, there is root access and the ability to fully customize the details. With the Managed plan, you will receive a cPanel control panel that will be free of charge.

If you have been convinced by this A2 Hosting review, it is worth looking out for codes as at times it will be possible to get a more than 50% discount.

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Debt collectors are some of the most nerve-racking people. Sometimes they use threats to demand payments from debtors. Besides taking you to court, on behalf of your creditors, collectors could damage your credit report.  The best way to avoid them is to pay what you owe. At the same time, you should learn how to deal with collections. Find out if it is possible to remove the collections from your credit report. The following are things you should know.

You have a legal right to receive an accurate credit report

Cases happen where people are called about debts they don’t recognize. These people end up being victims of a mistaken credit or an identity theft. If you ever receive a mysterious call about a debt you haven’t paid, get your current credit report. To know where to start, visit your local Consumer Federal Protection Bureau department. Officials there will guide you on how to get rid of inaccurate data from your credit report. To obtain a free credit report from all the three credit reporting bureaus, visit CafeCredit now.

Read your report to spot the entries in collections that are not your debts. To create a dispute letter, visit the Federal Trade Commission site and view their sample letter. As well, learn how to dispute errors in your reports on the FCPB website. When writing your dispute letter, give as much information and evidence as possible. Ordinary people find it hard to dispute an inaccurate credit report entry. If you feel the same, seek the assistance of a credit repair expert. They will write, file and follow up a dispute letter on your behalf. Once you fix the credit, you can then stop using your preferred credit repair experts.

The effect that collections entries have on your credit score

In the process of learning how to deal with collections, you will discover how difficult it is to remove them from your credit report.  Delinquent accounts are sometimes left on the report for years. This does not mean that you need to give up though. You should still put some effort to get rid of items in collections to improve your credit score. Note that your credit report has these parts: payment history, credit utilization, variety of credit types, credit inquiries and length of credit history.  The part of your credit score that receives the impact is the payment history. If you want to improve it, organize how you will pay all accounts on time. Second, find ways to pay as much debt as possible. Once you remove as many items in collections as possible, your score might go up.

The easiest way to remove collections from your credit report

As indicated above, first take actions to remove inaccuracies. If you find certain debts that have been repeated severally, have them removed. Just dispute the replicated entries. Otherwise, visit the CFPB website and follow their guidelines on how to dispute errors on your credit report.  Keep every document that you will receive from creditors and the three credit bureaus for future reference. If you pay an item in the collections, you might negotiate with your creditor for its total removal. Otherwise, debt collectors will continue to buy your delinquent debts for a tiny amount on the dollar. In the end, they will collect more than you owe.

How to deal with collections – negotiate

The goal here is to pay less than you owe. In fact, you can pay just fifty percent of the entire debt. If you manage to convince them, the next agenda is to ask them to remove the delinquent entry from your credit report. This won’t be easier unless you promise to raise the amount you would pay by a certain percentage. But if you are willing to wait for seven years to end, the credit bureaus will remove the account automatically. If you have a plan to obtain more credit, the right thing is to negotiate with your creditors now. As years pass, the negative items in your report will decrease in value and their impact on your credit score will diminish. So it is upon you to decide what you want to do. All in all, find a way to start a new record of good credit.

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American football is known to be a physical demanding and high contact sport. It is important to wear the right equipment to ensure better performance and to reduce injuries. When equipment looks expensive, you should know that it is worth it to invest into it when safety and health are given the consideration.

The Elite Gear Reviews give you the guide on how you can buy the equipments and the gear needed to play football. The helmet is an important gear and it will protect the head against the injuries. The helmet includes a face mask and it is made in the metal to protect the face of the player against the injuries.  The helmet should have the right face mask that will fit your position.  The non ball handlers like defensive and offensive linemen may use the facemasks that have many bars because their place need intense use of the hands and they may end up hurting another player if he does not have the right protection.

Ball handing players like running backs and quarterbacks, wide receivers and the tight end, they use the facemask that have few bars so that they can have a better view of the field and the ball.

When you fear that the mask you use may let in the hand of the players to reach your eyes or if the mask may obstruct the view, then you may think about buying the helmet with a visor. It will protect the eyes and it will allow you to see.  You should consider the rules of the league before you buy the tinted visor because there may be some restrictions.

The mouthpiece can protect the mouth against the injuries which may take place when you get a hard hit during the game. It also helps to prevent the concussions since it helps in absorbing the vibration which may go to the skull in other circumstances. Since at least a third of the mouth injuries that goes to the dentist are the results of sports, it is important to invest into the mouthpiece.

The shoulder pads are used to protect the chest and the shoulders against the injuries. Different shoulder pads are found in different styles and they should be used by different players. The example is that a kicker may need to put on less shoulder pads compared to the linebacker since a kicker may not get too much physical contact as other players do while the linebacker gets more contacts from other players.

The rule is that if you expect to get more contact, you should also get more padding. You can check the Elite Gear Reviews to learn the best shoulder pads to buy.  If you are in a team, you may not have to buy a jersey since the team will provide them.  If you should provide the jersey on your own, go for the one that fits well but over the shoulder pads.  The gloves offer a protection against the scratches and cuts while it offers the warmth when it is in cold weather.

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Tours for the discerning traveler

Village Ethiopia is a wholly Ethiopian owned tour company, dedicated to providing visitors with the highest standards of tour services. We have also embarked on a programme of building eco-tourist lodges, with the first now open for service in Bilen in Ethiopia’s Afar Region.

Through our lodges, we aim to meet the growing demand by visitors for culturally and environmentally sensitive accommodation – each lodge will reflect local art and building traditions, will be built as far as possible from locally available materials, and will be a focus for environmental regeneration and enhancement locally, through tree planting around the lodge and in the area.

In addition to organising tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien Mountain Trekking or Omo Valley (for details see Tours and Travel), we offer specialist tours in the following areas: Birds of Ethiopia; Flowers and Plants of Ethiopia; Butterflies of Ethiopia; Geology of Ethiopia. We also offer specialist or study tours in Education, Health and Medicine, Agriculture and Ethiopian Art, linking up with Ethiopian institutions and associations, specialists and experts.

We can either integrate, where possible, these specialist tours into the more popular tourist circuits or offer extensions at the end of the special interest tour. All of our tours can be tailored to meet our clients’ special interests, and are specially planned to make the visitor less of a consumer and more of a participant in Ethiopian life, culture and custom.

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