Elderly care at home

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If you are looking for caregivers in hospitals or at home, consult our search engine, you will find the professional care you need quickly and very safely. Trust us. Caring for a sick person is not easy, nor is deciding when to request help from professional sick caregivers. Caring for an old man is not easy. It requires time, knowledge and resources that, unfortunately, we do not always have at our disposal. Sometimes collaboration is needed and that is where the work of our home care help makes the difference, making your life easier. Click here to see more!

One of the areas where more help is needed is hygiene and daily hygiene; dependent elderly people need home care in the care of the elderly. With family members you will leave your loved ones in the best hands. Click here to see what we are offering! We offer you professional assistance services for the elderly, depending on the needs of each client. Elderly care at home requires specialized caregivers of trust. All of our caregivers have been selected through exhaustive selection processes, their references have been contrasted with their personal skills, offering you a trustworthy and safe care.

How can people find and choose hospice care?

There are numerous options for hospice care in every state, county, and city. The list of palliative care companies for patients to choose from varies by location. Although hospices for the terminally ill are characterized by offering the same basic requirements and focusing on comfort and quality of life, there is also a certain degree of flexibility and variation between different palliative care agencies. Your doctors or local hospitals can recommend a hospice for you. Most doctors are familiar with local hospice organizations and can refer patients or provide a list of what is available.

Our group of excellent health professionals provides efficient, safe and high-quality services either at home or at patient’s place of residence. Our goal is to educate, rehabilitate, maintain, and assist patients with chronic, acute, and terminal conditions. In this page, you will find all the information you need regarding our services and how to contact us. We invite you to read about everything our agency has to offer.


The main goal of the compassionate, competent and committed personnel at Hospice and Home is to offer you the best possible service while at the same time being sensitive to the personal and spiritual needs of the patient and his or her family. Click here to visit.


To be a symbol of evolution, prestige, and quality in the delivery of home care services.


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Hygiene is basic in the care of the elderly:

The objectives of personal hygiene are mainly two: on the one hand it seeks to improve health by preventing diseases and infections, and on the other hand to improve the comfort and self-esteem of people by being clean and neat. Both aspects are fundamental for the welfare of dependent people, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that they are adequately covered. And for this, the experience of a professional caregiver in nursing home care is a great added value.

Dirt is the cradle of germs. To prevent its appearance, it is essential to establish a sanitary routine following hygiene habits. Thanks to this practice we will avoid infections and bodily secretions, thus providing relaxation and comfort to the person who needs care. The cleaner a person feels the better they are! Proper hygiene involves the care of hair, skin, ears, mouth, teeth, nails and of course the genital and perineal area. Often older people or people with limited capacities may be unable to reach all areas that need hygiene or to do it properly.

Many people want to know if they should continue taking their regular medication while in palliative care. This depends on the patient’s objectives, health status, prognosis, and the indication of these medications. In general, more medication can be continued as long as it does not interfere with the patient’s comfort and is not taken as a potential cure for the hospice qualifying condition. Most people prefer to take fewer pills. You can ask the terminally ill, which medications can safely be discontinued without an adverse reaction.

Can you help the terminally ill with my life situation?

Many people may have difficulty with having their loved ones die at home or are simply unable to provide the level of care that is needed. Hospice agencies often have relationships are local assisted living hospice centers for palliative care patients, usually at an additional cost. Alternatively, sometimes the plans can cover part of the accommodation and food cost in these nursing homes. Click here to see the offerings!

Can hospice provide treatment for infections?

Many patients and families worry if they can receive treatment for infections such as pneumonia or urine infection. Hospices are flexible in their approach to the treatment of reversible infections. More, but not all, offer diagnostic tests and antibiotics. It is important to address these problems during the initial assessment of palliative care. Hospitalizations are covered if symptoms of someone being out of control despite routine hospice care at home. Patients can also be hospitalized for conditions unrelated to the hospice diagnosis. For example, if a cancer patient suffers a fall and has a hip fracture; hospitalization may be required to fix the fracture. In this scenario, patient insurance usually covers hospitalization, in addition to hospice benefits. Apart from medications and equipment, what other services do we care off?

Auxiliary services, such as nutritionists, therapists, and home health aides provide valuable services to palliative care patients. The degree to which all terminally ill people use these services varies widely. Sometimes, these additional interventions are important for patients and their families. Thus, it is advisable to discuss the availability of these services with palliative care representatives.

Care for an Independent Life.

“Our caregivers with the experience of taking care of the elderly at home can help with everything mentioned, serving both physical and moral support, since both facets should be taken care of in the same way.” click here to see more!